Prison break

Prison break



zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Presents from Mercedes, Rosanna, Frederica and Sabiha

I had so many presents last week, I hope I don't forget anything
First all the presents from Mercedes, all so wonderful and special!
This from Rosanna, I love them all but most the small crib and the antique spoons, wonderful!!

Sabiha give me the suitcase that she made, it's perfect!
Frederica made also some special presents for me, also very, very wonderful and she didn't know that my next project will be a childrens room, so this are the perfect presents for it.
Look at the little doll, all knitted, so cute.
This was something Mercedes has given us when Rosanna came
Isn't it great??!!
And when we arrived in Paris Sabiha and I got another present from Mercedes
I also bought some nice things in Paris, first the Laduree things, jam and chocolate
A very, very old French letter

And a old English book, I already had the old dictonary French-Dutch so I put it next to it.

Thank you girls for all the presents and I hope I didn't forget things, but you give me so much.....

Big hug, Sylvia

13 opmerkingen:

  1. fantásticos regalos y compras, felicidades

  2. Fantastic gifts and the best part is that every time you look at them you will have wonderful memories.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Maravilloso todo¡¡¡
    Creo que son regalos hechos con mucho amor, llega a traves de las fotos¡¡
    Muchas felicidades por la experiencia y por la amistad.
    Un beso

  4. Todos los regalos son preciosos!!!
    y lo mejor de todo, el recuerdo de todas estas amigas, es estupendo!!!!

  5. You have got wonderful minis! And books - I love books.

  6. Ohhhh wat een verwennerij! Heerlijk! Geniet er maar lekker van meid, ik vind alles prachtig wat je hebt gekregen en gekocht hi hi ;-)

    Liefs Jollie

  7. You have received wonderful gifts. ;)

  8. Beautiful gifts! But I think the most wonderful gift of all is the memory of the wonderful time the four of you shared.

  9. Seems you are spoiled a lot, good memories on a nice time together!

  10. Wonderful photos of you all in Paris and Amsterdam, and so many wonderful gifts! I like the book you have bought, poetry by Shelly no less!
    Will you be coming to Arnhem next week or is all your money spent now? ;)

  11. Beautiful Work, I can really learn alot from admiring your art.

    Thank You.

  12. Hopefully this time fly not forgotten any gifts received. ;)
    How nice to have friends that you can meet them sometimes.

  13. love your style - the gritty realism and i mean that in the best possible way in case of any problems with translation

    From Tyla @