Prison break

Prison break



vrijdag 31 juli 2009

Flowershop ready

Here the pictures of the Flowershop.
Next week I bring it to my parents, it is a gift for their birthday ( both 80 year)

donderdag 30 juli 2009

New project

The beach house is ready, the flowershop is ready so time for the big house...

Last year I made a start with the outsite, now it is time for the inside.

The inside at the moment, a bit of a store and a big disorder.

I am going to start with the guestroom at the second floor.

Some furniture for the room,

The sheets and pillows I made and I used the beautiful ribbon that Sabiha grandmother made.

The quilt and little pillows are from Mercedes and were my inspiration for the room.

woensdag 22 juli 2009

New Zealand mail

This morning the mail from Mercedes and Liberty arrived and again it is all so beaututiful!!!
The blue and white collection and one for the beach house
A tiny ventilator and boat for the beach house
A card of New Zealand, maybe one day I can look at it myself
A smell bag, it already hanging in my bethroom

And Liberty send me drawings, one is ( I think) me in the sea at holiday and the otherone is one of my dogs.

Thank you so much, Mercedes and Liberty!!

dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Back from holiday

We just came back from Tenerif and have a lovely time there.
The view from the hotel

The vulcano at the island

The dolphins near the boat

vrijdag 10 juli 2009


Last week I recieved some beautiful gifts,

I asked Rosanna if she want to make a tea cozy for the beach house and she made this one.
It is so wonderful and so little!!! I can't stop looking at it.
She also made a pillow with the initials of my family, luckely for her, two of them have the same initial.
Thank you Rosanna, I am very happy with it!

Mercedes send me a little America's cup for the beach house, wonderful and it is standing already in the beach house.
Thank you so much!

Benedetta send me some gifts, because I send her some tulips.
Flowers for the Flowershop and a lighthouse for the beach house.
Also a wonderful gift, thank you so much!

donderdag 9 juli 2009

Back again

My internet wasn't working the last two weeks, so no blog, no mail.
But I made a lot of things.

This week I visit Sabiha and admired all here mini's.
Also a lot of inspiration and the first thing I made was something for the flowershop.
I hope tomorrow to make some more pictures before my holiday next monday.