Prison break

Prison break



vrijdag 30 december 2011

Update Water tower

Some progress, the bricks are ready, doors are in, some light
I made two beds for the prison

Mattress and bedding

dinsdag 20 december 2011

donderdag 15 december 2011

Update Water tower

I made some new bars, I didn't like the old ones
The inside is painted

And the floor is done

vrijdag 9 december 2011

Presents and a little update Water tower

The first picture are the dolls Nella makes, they are so beautiful and tiny.
I ordered two little dolls for my next project and she send me also the little clown.
More of Nella's dolls at: http://www.nalladris.nl/nella/nella.htm
Thank you so much, Nella!!
The next picture is something I found in my mailbox this morning, so great again and I am going to find a place for it in the big house.
Thank you Rosanna!!!!!
And some updates of the Water tower, Margriet ask for it (LOL)
Because I have a full time job, I am not so speedy as the most of you know me, time is flying and sometimes I wish there are 48 houres in a day...
But there is some progress and this morning I put the parts togheter and you can see the glue isn't dry.

Yesterday the three projects arrived in Florida, with some little things that he must glue again, but they have survived the big trip.

dinsdag 6 december 2011

They left the building...

This morning my three projects moved to Florida..
At the beginning of next year they will be at: http://www.finescalemodeling.org/
Here are my projects again
First the bathroom


and the "Zaanse huisje"

with the nameplate : Jeroen en Joyce de Groot
That is my son and his girlriend ( they give me the construction drawings)
I hope that the people that lives in the area of Florida go and take a look to them.

donderdag 1 december 2011

Great news

These three projects are sold to a museum in Florida, USA!!!!
In a few days I must say goodbye to my "baby's"
A bit sad, but also happy to have some space to make new projects (LOL)
I am very proud and hope that they will give a lot off people inspiration.

maandag 21 november 2011

Prison break

A new project...
It will be a water tower with a prison in it.
I know, again a most unsual project (LOL)
Margriet gave me the idea of a water tower and I thought a long time what to make in it.
I love the television series "Prison break" and it gave me a lot of inspiration...

to be continued....

maandag 7 november 2011

The abandoned factory

The picures aren't so beautiful as I wanted, but the weather is here very dark

zondag 6 november 2011

Almost ready

The factory is almost ready, some things have to dry and I have to paint the outside.
This week I shall post a blog of the whole factory.

vrijdag 4 november 2011

The stairs

The stairs are ready.
It was not easy, but it turned out well.