Prison break

Prison break



woensdag 30 juni 2010

Old project

I promished some pictures of old ( unfinished) projects.
Meet the bookstore
When I start a new project, I always build around something like a window, door or stairs.
The Bookstore was build around the stairs.
Someday I shall finish it, but there is so much that I want to do....

dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Thank you

First I wanna thank you all for the supporting emails, comments and phonecalles after my surgery. It is so wonderful that people that have the same hobby are so kind!
Everything is going well, my eyes are less blue/purple and it is only the pantience of recover that makes it difficult.
Because the making of minis at the moment not possible is for me, I shall make some blogs about things that I made in the past.
First the presents that I made for Christel, Rosanna, Roberta , Synnove and Madelva.
After we made the appointment for diner in Paris, I had the idea of making a little corner in a restaurant.
I made the chairs and bought some little boxes.
The only things that I didn't made myself where the fork and knife, glas and eifeltoren.
It was fun to make it and a nice souvenir of the SIMP 2010.

donderdag 24 juni 2010

Back home after surgery

I hate pictures of myself, specialy the ones with my face, so this is a very special edition (LOL)
It was taken the evening after surgery and my face look like this.
It is going well and it was not as bad as I thought.
I wanna thank all the people that called me, nice emails and comments with support.
Just two more surgery to go, but first recover of this one.

Love Sylvia

maandag 21 juni 2010

More Paris

More pictures from Paris, the first building is very strange, very small at the corner.
The second pictures is something that I don't speak out again ( ask at Sabiha)
But we found the"shop" and she was there!!!!!

The things I bought at the SIMP:
The bed is for my new project that I am brainstorming about.
I am thinking about two new projects.

Some things for the beach house 2

Tiles for my own new project

They are so beautiful

And something that I am so happy with is the teapot

So, a lot to do, first the beach house 2 that I am working on.
Surgery and later, when my eyes are better.................
A lot of ideas that are in my head, a lot to think about when I am in Hospital

I hope we meet soon at the blog,


Back from Paris

We had a great, great weekend in Paris!!
First the view from the hotel by night, it was if we where standing at the balcony of l'Atelier
The presents: First from Christel, in real they are much more wonderful than at the picture
From Roberta, also very beautiful
From Jackie, a lady that I meet at the SIMP and she bought me this wonderful things in England
And of course the most amazing neadle work from Rosanna and beautiful wall paper.
It was so much fun to meet you all and to have diner togheter saterday evening.
A weekend that I'll never forget!!!
I shall posted more pictures later, but now it is time for real live and prepair for surgery
Thank you all for everything

High tea at Sab's place

Last week we had a meeting from the Dutch blog at Sabiha's place.
It was a wonderful day, with a lot of talking and eating.
Here are the presents that they give to me.
First from Kootje, the beautiful basket, my Attic in frame and a wonderful, wonderful book she made.
From Karin, this is also great
And from Margriet, also beautiful things.
Thank you al and of course Sabiha for the day, we had a great time.

vrijdag 18 juni 2010


The give-away that I won has arrived and she is beautiful.
She comes from Australia : http://emmasbears.blogspot.com/
Her name is pumpkin-pie, totaly handmade and is now watching over my bear.
My bear has my mother bought when she was pregnant of me, so very, very old.
When she bought him, he was dark brown with a red ribbon on his neck.
The time did his work, but just like pumpkin-pie, he is a treasure.

Thank you Emma!!!!

dinsdag 8 juni 2010

New on Etsy

The last days I had some problems with my eyes, so there was not much I can do.
But I did something, there was a lady in England that asked me if I can make some items with chickens.
I made the set with black/red.
Because it turned out so well, I made another one and also a green set and going to put them on Etsy.
Another "chicken" thing

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

l'Atelier ready and more news

The last thing, a glas for the wine is arrived.
So, l'Atelier is ready!!
Next project?
I already started, it will be the beach house again for a lady in Australia.
She wanted to buy my beach house, but I told her that it is not for sale.
So, I make it for the second time and it is fun to do.

And more good news, the first surgery at my eyes will be at 23 june!!