Prison break

Prison break



woensdag 24 juni 2009

Beach house

The Beach house is almost finished, only the light.

The roof is made from an old towel, Katie has the link on her Blog.

zondag 21 juni 2009

Beach house in the sand

The beach house is standing in the sand and most of the present have a place in the house.

Kladblog meeting

Yesterday there was a kladblog meeting from the Dutch blog, Sabiha and I were there.
We had some beautiful presents:

From Sabiha

From Mercedes:

Sabiha and I opening the presents from Mercedes:

The book she made, it is so special!! There is a picture in it from Mercedes and Liberty.

All the beautiful things togheter

The box Sabiha made for me is in my 1:1 bedroom, the colours are just perfect.

vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Toys for the beach house

Today there was some mail from Mercedes, beautiful little boats for the beach house!

Thank you Mercedes, they are perfect!

donderdag 18 juni 2009

Blog meeting

Sabiha already told that we have a Blog meeting saturday.
There is a suprise for here and next week I show you what's inside.

Mercedes is also a little bit whit us, she send me this:

dinsdag 16 juni 2009

No minies today, garden time

Today it was lovely weather, so garden time!!!!

maandag 15 juni 2009

zaterdag 13 juni 2009


Yesterday the mail from Mercedes and Liberty arrived.
Mercedes made me some beautiful things for the beach house.
Liberty made a wonderful drawing

Thank you very much, Mercedes and Liberty!!!!!

zaterdag 6 juni 2009


Yesterday there was mail and our post-office servant has very good eyes or he knows that all mail from Mercedes is for me.
I think it is a miracle the mail has arrived at my home...
The beautiful gifts Mercedes bought when she visit Melbourne and a drawing from Liberty

vrijdag 5 juni 2009

donderdag 4 juni 2009

Another Award

Kim http://heerlijkbrocante.blogspot.com/ give me this Award.
She said that because there are a lot of Awards going around, she give it to just one person, for me it makes it very special.

I am also giving the Award to one person, it is very difficult to make a choise, I think everybody earned one.
But I made my choice, it is Sabiha http://sabsminiinteriors.blogspot.com/
She always make beautiful pictures and live in the same country.

Tagged: Sabiha, Mercedes, Leo, Susan, Josje and my followers

Thanks to Erika : http://miniatureserika.blogspot.com/
Rules: Name the person who tagged you, mension 6 things that you like and 6 people that you are tagging, leave them a note on their blogs.
So here are those things:
1) my (grand)children, 2) Boyfriend and big love, Marcel, 3) Miniatures, 4) My dogs, 5) All my dear friends all over the world ,6) Sitting in the sun.
Sabiha at http://sabsminiinteriors.blogspot.com/
Mercedes at http://libertybiberty.blogspot.com/
Leo at http://miniaturasleofurtado.blogspot.com/
Susan at http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/
Josje at http://josje-bouwt.blogspot.com/
And the last one is at everyone that I follow, everybody make beautiful things and giving me a lot of inspiration!!!

woensdag 3 juni 2009

Mail from Virginia beach

Today I receive beautiful mail from Katie!
She ask me if I wants some little shells, but she send me a lot of things for the beach house.
I love specially the sand castle and the very little lighthouse.
All the other things are also wonderful and they are going to have a place in my beach house.
It is a international beach house with al those gifts!


dinsdag 2 juni 2009

The bed in the beach house

I must make some flowers near the window and some things at the wall.