Prison break

Prison break



zondag 30 augustus 2009

Mail from Brasil

Yesterday I receive the mail from Leo, it is wonderful!!

So much beautiful things!!!

Thank you very much Leo, I am very happy with it!

woensdag 26 augustus 2009


I made the tiles for the hall, a lot of painting and work but I am satisfied.

vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

Some furniture

I started with placing the furniture

woensdag 12 augustus 2009

First room

The first room of the big house,
I must make the curtains, but this is the start.

I have some problems with the blog, sudenly I follow nobody anymore.....

dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Mail from Mercedes

Today I receive again beautiful mail from Mercedes!!
I ask for some wallpaper and she send me, but also a brocante bank and a shabby coffeetable.
They are so wonderful.

In the coffeetable she wrote "DROMEN" it means "dreams"in Dutch.
Thank you so much, Mercedes!!!!

zondag 9 augustus 2009

Update website


This weekend we ware very busy with my website and we placed a lot of new things.

woensdag 5 augustus 2009

The Flowershop is arrived

Yesterday we moved the Flowershop to my parents home.
Here it is in the back of the car.
And here it is at the bed of my parents, my mother is ill at the moment, so she can look at it whole day.
They are very happy with the Flowershop.

maandag 3 augustus 2009

A challenge from Linda

I recieved a challenge from Linda Carswel
1 Open the 4th file where you store your photos
2 Pick out the 4th photo and publish it to your blog
3 Explain a bit about it
4 Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs

And this is the photo, I am not that organized person with my photos, minis, children, grandchild everything together.
This is a picture of my oldest son, daughter and Lotje ( dog) and was taken at my birthday.
I will pass this challenge to:
Mercedes from http://libertybiberty.blogspot.com/
Josje from http://josje-bouwt.blogspot.com/
Marja from http://rosabears.blogspot.com/
Marlies from http://marliesminies.blogspot.com/