Prison break

Prison break



zondag 28 maart 2010

The Show Arnhem

Yesterday went Sabiha and I to the big Show in Arnhem.

It was a wonderful Show and we found beautiful things that we buy.
First the things for the "Zaanse huisje"
Wooden shoes, they are 0.3 inches, sooooo little!!!
A Cologne pot ( Keulse pot) every former household in the Netherland had one for the salt.

Furniture for the "Zaanse huisje" I must paint it, make it old and do some changes.

We meet Sylvia from: http://lutjeboudel.punt.nl/ and she give us the beautiful lanternworkshop, it was so nice to finally meet her and she have so much wonderful workshops.

For the big house 1:12 scale, blue/grey enamel ( real enamel)

For the curtains in the "Zaanse huisje"

Close-up wooden shoed and pot

We also meet Lisette from: http://lisettesminiaturen.blogspot.com/
It was so nice to see her again and she bring the Duffle coats with her, they are so wonderful in real!!!!
On the Show there was work from Ronan-Jim Sévellec, he was always a big inspiration for me.
In real his work isn't that beautiful as on pictures.
It is bigger scale than 1:12, the clothes where glossy and more of that kind.
It sounds awful, but at that moment I was thinking, my bathroom is more perfect ( Sabiha said it also)
I realized also how important it is to make good pictures!!!
But we had a wonderful day and came home very tired!
Sabiha give me also a beautiful gift, you can see it on my other blog: http://lotjeshome.blogspot.com/

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds and looks as though you had a fabulous day. I like what you bought and look forward to seeing where and how you use some of these wonderful items.


  2. O my, is it true about Sevellec? LOL! I am real proud of you, Sylvia :):). And I see from the picture in your header that you kept adding dirty clothes ! haha! Now, don't forget I was a very early fan ;).

    I love all the things you bought. And I followed Sylvia from: http://lutjeboudel.punt.nl nd knew she and her group were very excited at going to Arnhem as well. I also saw the lap workshop and thought it was marvelous!

    The Arhem show is now on my to-do list.

  3. Sylvia you came home with some lovely miniatures. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. xx

  4. Too bad I didn't see you and Sabiha! I love the enamelware you bought.
    I don't agree with you on the Sévellec issue, haha! I thought it was fantastic. It's not about making perfect miniatures and placing it in a scene. It is about light, colour, composition, a certain atmospere, DRAMA! It is art. ;)

  5. Hoi Sylvia,

    Helaas was ik niet in de mogelijkheid om naar Arnhem te gaan deze keer.....heb er nu al spijt van!Ik hoor idd dat de beurs echt mooi is en dat de miniaturen van grootse kwaliteit zijn.
    Heb op het forum al een boel foto's gezien van de beurs.Jij hebt in elk geval weer een aantal prachtige miniaturen en meubeltjes aan geschaft en ik kijk er al naar uit naar het resultaat nadat ze in jou handen geweest zijn;-)
    En die klompjes....echt gaaaffffff!


  6. It seems you and Sabiha had a great day!!! Lovely shopping and little yellow shoes are so cute!

  7. Was gezellie, en ik baal nog steeds van de kaasschaaf,haha! Maar ik hou er nu over op,hihi!


  8. Your new things are just wonderful, and I too love the little yellow shoes :) I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the new furniture.

  9. You have some wonderful new minis
    The lantern is a perfect gift
    the shoes are so cute!
    I have a few little pairs but they are not 1/12thscale, shame...

  10. How wonderful to be able to have fun with Sabiha at the show. You bought some wonderful things!

  11. You have lots of lovely things there - looking forward to seeing them placed in their various homes.

  12. It is so much fun seeing all of your lovely purchases. You both must have had such a wonderful time, wish I could have been their too. Jean

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