Prison break

Prison break



donderdag 4 maart 2010


I made the "Bedstee" ( translation is cupboardbed)
It's a bit strange 1:24 scale, but I am getting used at it.
I don't no if other country's had the same, but in former years the parents sleep in the cupboardbed in the kitchen ( at farms and also the "Zaanse huisjes")

The making of....

Her you can see the little cradle standing on a shelf, I can't imagine that people sleep like this.

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  1. You have made a lovely version of this and you are getting a lot done on your dollhouse project. I should have you make the covers for the bedstee in my dollhouse.

    I have been working on my dollhouse bedstee today. I have seen photos of bed cupboards in most cold climate countries, Scandinavian countries, Russia, France, UK, Germany. It is very practical and warm to sleep this way as your own body heat keeps the cupboard warmer and there are no drafts.

    Berths on ships are very similar. I sleep in a bed cupboard on a small yacth. It is called a V-berth or sometimes a forward, state room but it is my very own bedstee. Snug as a bug in my gently rocking bed made of beautiful teak wood with a skylight over my head and little drawers and cabinets too.

  2. I find this so interesting! Firstly, I love how you made the cupboard, the little hearts in the doors are so sweet. But I have never heard of a these beds in cupboards...nice to know I'm not too old to learn something!!! It would be fabulous if you were a lazy person and didn't like to make your bed, you could simply close the cupboard door...lol!
    Look forward to seeing more...thank you!
    Linda x

  3. In my country on the country ;)in the old days older people slept in the kitchen but over the kitchen's stove:)

  4. I like the color! It was the same thing in the French country but the wood is not painted. Animals slept in the cowshed near the kitchen for the heat .Very good in 1 / 24! Bravo

  5. Prachtig Sylvia! Mooie kleur, leuke details, helemaal top!

    groetjes Evelien

  6. This look so cozy! I could see myself curled up here looking out the window! Wonderful idea!

  7. Great version of this type of sleeping cupboard. Unfortunately for those who did sleep in them, not only were they considered very warm cosy for people, but bed bugs and fleas also :(

  8. There seems to be to me very interesting, the form that you gave to him(her) to the bed cupboard.
    I if wise this modality, proper of the europa's northern(Nordic) countries, as big metal stoves.
    I like to myself very much if interpretation is very royal.
    An embrace.

    Me parece muy interesante, la forma que usted le dio a la cama armario.
    Yo si sabia esta modalidad, propia de los paises nordicos de europa, al igual que las grandes estufas de metal.
    me gusto mucho si interpretacion es muy real.
    un abrazo.

  9. I saw the bed cupboard in a cartoon of a pretty family of gnomes. I think that they lived in Finland, I don't remember well.
    The bedstee y marvellous!!! I love it!

  10. I love your Bedstee Sylvia!
    We used to sleep in beds like this in the "old days" in Norway. The beds were almost always decorated in bright colors with a pattern called "Rosemaling". They had a rich hand carved wood decoration as well. A real pride for the kitchen, who often worked as a living room too!
    But as fond as I am of french interior and colors I prefer your bed!!!

  11. It's beautiful. Really cute the little hearts in the doors!!

  12. Hello

    Its great - we had the same in Sweden too, and
    like Synnöve says these "cupboardbeds" were
    often very richly decorated and painted! It ´s
    interesting to learn that you had the same
    in Holland too!

    Eva J

  13. Same beds in Italy up in the North near Austria. I suppose it's a common feature in countries which had long and cold winters.Yours is really cute. But I'd not have liked living in those times. Rosanna

  14. What a great place to sleep... even though I've never seen a bed like that in the real life in Finland though. Everything is so beautiful! ;)

  15. Hi Sylvia!:)
    I just love your work!
    Greetings from Athens!

  16. Other bloggers are right when they write that there are or were such beds in France, it's typical of Brittany.

  17. I have heard of boxbeds in Ireland, too.
    Yours is a delight to see!!

  18. You've made lovely job of it. It's very detailed. Cupboard beds were used in Scotland too.

  19. Wat vlieg je er weer doorheen,wauw Syl,kan je haast niet bijhouden! Het is helemaal leuk en je
    bedstee zo lief en klein en toch zoveel details!
    Ik vind de kleur ook erg mooi(ook al is het groen) en past goed bij de vloer!


  20. It was quiet common to sleep in alcoves in the kitchen or living room in rural Norwegian houses too, but I don't know when they stopped doing that.
    Yours is beautiful, love the colour, and well done to make it so nicely detailed in that tiny scale!

  21. Is wonderful congratulations. Best wishes

  22. Sylvia!
    You always amaze me in everyway! Great job!!!!
    My country sleep area as a kid was at my grandma's farm and in her husband's room with a metal bedframe with a "Cord" for a light switch!
    Melissa from USA GA

  23. Thank you all for the nice comments and Karin for the explanation. It seems that a lot of country's have a "bedstee", but I am happy I haven't one (LOL)
    Linda, we are never to old to learn and the bedstee is perfect for lazy people.
    Sab, het heeft me weer helemaal te pakken, borrelt aan alle kanten in mijn hoofd, wat is het toch een vreemde virus ( POPPENHUISVIRUS)

    X Sylvia

  24. You have made a lovely Bedstee
    I have heard of it but never seen one
    I like the idea especially if there wasn't much room in a house and how cosy and warm that would be
    Im not sure about the fleas though lol
    Luv the hearts!

  25. Jij weet toch elke keer zo veel sfeer te creeren! Zelfs al is het nog niet af, het ziet er allemaal al weer geweldig uit. Mooie kleuren ook.

  26. Oooooh, Sylvia,
    The bedstee is wonderful!(Liberty tells me I am not allowed to say 'fantastic' any more, I use that word too much, lol!)
    It looks so beautiful with the hearts in the doors, I would love to sleep there!

  27. The bed looks so cozy! Love the colors, and the worn look is, as always, beautiful! Lovely work :-)

  28. I love your work! Here is a link to a photo of a box bed on the island of
    In Britain, these beds were carved but on this island, it is painted and reminds you. Bravo!