Prison break

Prison break



woensdag 12 augustus 2009

First room

The first room of the big house,
I must make the curtains, but this is the start.

I have some problems with the blog, sudenly I follow nobody anymore.....

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Sylvia, you must like blue a lot :) The shade you use for this room is unusual but beautiful and rustic.

    Don't worry about the follow/follower bug. Your list will come back. Many people are having the same problems. You are suffering a little later than others :).

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. I just lost all mine too, for a bit Reader was showing them still but now it's gone too. Guess we have to wait for them to come back :( The room is looking great, I've always liked beamed ceilings.

  4. I really like the ceiling! Love the paint treatment you did on the door too. Looks very nice.

  5. This is going to be beautiful. I love the beams and the cool blue. Hope your followers come back!


  6. Lovely, it will come out as great as anything you have accustomed us to.Mini hugs

  7. I like the start so much, the colours that you choose are so pretty. Now, lets do the curtains!

  8. I am loving it! The blue is a very pretty color. What color of blue is it?

  9. The colour is BEAUTIFUL! I love the walls, the room is looking so good.

  10. Een mooi begin, Sylvia, ziet er al heel sjiek uit! Ik was even uit de running, maar hoop gauw weer te beginnnen, had ook problemen met de bloglijst, is intussen weer terug.
    Ben benieuwd wat je er weer van gaat maken,
    groetjes marlies

  11. Wauw Syl,ik zie dat je idd niet meer te houden bent,je gaat als een razende....het ziet er zo mooi uit,ben alleen vergeten te vragen aan je wat voor ruimte het is...hoe dan ook het is prachtig!

    Ik zie dat je ramen echt kunnen schuiven,hoe gaaf is dat dan niet...geweldig! Kan haast niet wachten tot het vervolg...het is net of ik een spannend boek zit te lezen,kan er echt van genieten.


  12. It is beautiful. I loev the colors...so serene.

    I keep losing followers and blogs I am following as well...it isn't just you ((( )))

  13. It's beautiful, I love the color combination!

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